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Grad School


Journalistic Work

2022/2023 feature-style news videos I released while working as a multimedia journalist for The Picket, Shepherd University’s news organization.

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The 11% Increase
As Shepherd University experienced an 11 percent increase in the student population on campus this semester, the issue of parking is becoming increasingly prevalent. As parking spaces remain scarce and ticketing becomes more frequent, students express their own ideas on the best ways to combat these issues.
The New Little Mermaid - A Controversial Revamp
After the release of the new live-action trailer of The Little Mermaid, receiving mixed reviews and an overwhelming number of dislikes on YouTube, Shepherd University students share their thoughts on it and weigh in on diversity and minority representation in children’s films.
The Significance of Homecoming at Shepherd
Students reflect on the significance of Homecoming weekend at Shepherd, highlighting the university’s past, present and future. This year’s Founders’ Day Parade, Homecoming Parade and football game brought the community together for a time of recognition, appreciation and team spirit.
The Final Project: Exploring the Capstone Program
Shepherd University Communication Majors and Capstone class instructor talk Capstone projects and the value of the course in preparing students to enter the professional world.
"Fowl Play" – Phaze 2 Gallery Hosts Exhibit by Artist Caitlin Gill
Maryland-based artist Caitlin Gill explains the inspiration behind her exhibition, titled “Fowl Play,” currently displayed in the Phaze 2 Gallery at Shepherd University from November 9 – January 20.
Student Government Association Convenes at Popodicon for President's Reception
The Student Government Association convened for a reception hosted by Shepherd University president Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix at the historic Popodicon, a colonial-style house located on campus. Executive Board Members of the group explain SGA’s significance.
"Unleash the Leader Within" – Student Leadership Conference
Shepherd University students and community members took part in the Student Leadership Conference, a day of professional and leadership development. Participants split up into workshop sessions and learned valuable leadership skills.
Three Shepherd Students Take Trip to D.C. with National Millennial & Gen Z Community
From February 19th to the 22nd of this year, the National Millennial and Gen Z Community visited Washington, D.C., represented by members from 21 states across the US. During this 4-day excursion, participants got the opportunity to visit and meet with major companies and government organizations and dine at some of the finest cuisines in the nation’s capital.

Docmentary/Multimedia Work

All of the academic-related video work I’ve produced thus far

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THE FUTURE OF GEN Z | Official Trailer | EB Media
The official trailer for THE FUTURE OF GEN Z Documentary.
THE FUTURE OF GEN Z | Full Documentary | EB Media
THE FUTURE OF GEN Z is a documentary film that explores Generation Z as a cohort, highlighting their uniqueness among other generations, and dispelling negative misconceptions brought on by generation gaps and intergenerational disconnects. Likewise, the film also covers digital natives and the effects of technology and social media, as well as the future of the generation as they make the transition into professional life.
LUCY'S SKY OF DIAMONDS - Mockumentary (2022)
Created by Advanced Production students at Shepherd University, “Lucy’s Sky of Diamonds” is a mockumentary film about a family of rural LSD distributors whose operation is intercepted by two DEA agents and an all-seeing spy parrot.
Social Media and Free Speech - A Cultural Conundrum
This is the Media and Culture Presentation I produced for my journalism class about the issue of social media and free speech and multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s $46.5 billion offer to buy Twitter.
Gregoryk - LONE (Directed by Ethan Baker)
Gregoryk – LONE (Official Music Video) Directed & Edited by Ethan Baker, Song Produced by Austin Gregoryk
Artist Profile – Gregoryk
This is the final mini-documentary in the four-part series starring artist Austin Gregoryk. This episode focuses on the inspiration behind Gregoryk’s work as well as his upcoming project. I produced this for my COMM 360 (TV Production) class.
Behind the Beat – In the Studio with Austin Gregoryk | Vlog
This is a vlog I made with producer/songwriter Austin Gregoryk for my COMM 360 (TV Production) class.
Ethan Baker and Austin Gregoryk Talk Music and Video | Interview
This is an interview I conducted with Austin Gregoryk about music and video production. I produced this for my COMM 360 (TV Production) class.
The Streaming Takeover – How Streaming Has Changed the Music Industry | MicroDoc
This is a mini-documentary about music streaming services that I produced for my COMM 360 class.
The Life of Doris Starks – Growing Up in the 1940’s | Mini Documentary
This is a mini-documentary about Doris Starks, a retired dean and professor of Nursing, author, and advocate for social justice. I made this for my COMM 350 class.
Inequality: How Far Have We Really Come? | Student-Made Documentary
This is a documentary called ‘Inequality- How Far Have We Really Come?’ that I made for my high school videography class.

Instagram Reels

Short-form informational reels I directed and edited for the Shepherd University Communication Department