Documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist, Ethan Baker
Documentary filmmaker and mutlimedia journalist, Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker, documentary filmmaker and editor.



Ethan Baker is a documentary filmmaker, editor, multimedia journalist, and pianist. Currently a Film and Media Production master’s student at American University, he has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and New Media from Shepherd University with a digital filmmaking concentration and a minor in journalism. 

Ethan works as a graduate assistant and is the festival and documentary program manager for Anacostia Youth Media, an organization that teaches filmmaking to middle and high-school-aged DC youth. Past job positions held include a multimedia journalist for The Picket, Shepherd University’s news organization, and a Label Assistant and Video Editor at NexGen Music, a record label and project studio in Shepherdstown, WV.

Much of his documentary work is centered on special interest and biographical topics, exploring the intersection of race and class with that of art and pop culture. In undergrad, he produced a 51-minute capstone documentary titled, THE FUTURE OF GEN Z, exploring the significance, misconceptions, and future aspirations of Generation Z. Now in graduate school, he has directed and edited several short films and documentaries with more projects in the works. 

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Relevant Courses Taken

  • Advanced Internet Media (COMM 447)
  • Advanced Production (COMM 420)
  • Animation and Communication (COMM 345)
  • Communication and New Media (COMM 203)
  • Computer-Mediated Communication (COMM 352)
  • Digital Filmmaking (COMM 350)
  • Digital Video Editing (COMM 399)
  • Happiness: Media v. Reality (COMM 402)
  • History of Film (COMM 304)
  • Intro to Journalism (JOUR 204)
  • Music Video (COMM 333)
  • Narrative Screenwriting (COMM 302)
  • News Practicum (COMM 348)
  • Practicum in the Picket (JOUR 444)
  • Senior Capstone Preparation (COMM 451)
  • Senior Capstone Project (COMM 461)
  • Social Media (COMM 322)
  • Sound Design (COMM 329)
  • TV Production (COMM 360)
  • Visual Reporting (JOUR 300)
  • Writing Across Platforms (COMM 335)

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