Project Portfolio

My film, documentary & journalistic work

Journalistic Work

2022/2023 feature-style news videos I released while working as a multimedia journalist for The Picket, Shepherd University’s news organization.

"Unleash the Leader Within" – Student Leadership Conference

Student Government Association Convenes at Popodicon for President's Reception

"Fowl Play" – Phaze 2 Gallery Hosts Exhibit by Artist Caitlin Gill

The Final Project: Exploring the Capstone Program

The Significance of Homecoming at Shepherd

The New Little Mermaid - A Controversial Revamp

The 11% Increase

Docmentary/Multimedia Work

All of the academic-related video work I’ve produced thus far

LUCY'S SKY OF DIAMONDS - Mockumentary (2022)

Social Media and Free Speech - A Cultural Conundrum

Gregoryk - LONE (Directed by Ethan Baker)

Artist Profile – Gregoryk

Behind the Beat – In the Studio with Austin Gregoryk | Vlog

Ethan Baker and Austin Gregoryk Talk Music and Video | Interview

The Streaming Takeover – How Streaming Has Changed the Music Industry | MicroDoc

The Life of Doris Starks – Growing Up in the 1940’s | Mini Documentary

Inequality: How Far Have We Really Come? | Student-Made Documentary